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Term 1 Unit 1 – Our Kitchen

 The Look and say helps children to visualize the things in the kitchen and enriches their vocabulary.  Poem : “Bender the Blender”, Children will enjoy the rhyming words of the kitchen Utensils. Prose : The Big Offer”, Children will know the names of the Utensils. Supplementary Reading :“The Two Pots”, children will enjoy the story of the mud pot and the Brass pot.  The Let us Practice insists on the action words related to the kitchen.  The Let us Use focuses on the structure “May I / Can I?” to help children to ask permission properly.


Once, there was a blender. His name was Bender. When no one was at home, he would come alive and roam. Soon, his friends – the knife, the fork and the spoon would gather there and run all over the ground. When they heard the car sound – Vroom, Vroom, everyone was glum. They had to draw the line. They had to wait until the next time. 


Ramu was running a small restaurant where he made very tasty food. One day, he got the biggest dinner party order. He was very sick and so he could not cook. He felt sad. He thought about who would cook instead of him. At once, the recipe book itself came forward to help him. The book assured Ram that his friends would get ready the food for the party. The big earthen pot was ready to prepare rice for the party. The blender was ready to make milkshake. The pan was ready to fry and roast the food. The knife was ready to cut tomatoes, onions and chillies. The food was ready. Ramu was surprised to see the party food was ready. He asked the vessels who helped them to cook. They all answered that the recipe book was their chef for the day. Ramu thanked all of them.     



GRAMMAR: Usage Of “MAY” and “CAN”:

Before doing anything, we should always ask like “May I______?” and “Can I _________?”



Once, a Mud pot and a Brass pot decided to swim in the river. Before started swimming, Brass pot challenged the mud pot that the Mud pot could not swim. The Mud pot would break if it hit a rock. Both started to swim in the river. The Brass pot asked the Mud pot to swim deeper. The Mud pot refused and reached the river bank. But, Brass pot went on. Soon, Brass pot was unable to swim and asked for help. The Mud pot saved the Brass pot using a stick from the river bank. After that, they only played by the river not in the river.  

- WTS Teachers Team
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Term 1 Unit 2 – The Insects

 Look and say helps children to name some common insects around them. Poem : Incy Wincy Spider”, Children will enjoy the rhyming words in the poem. Prose :The Proud Dragonfly”, Children will learn about the story of the proud dragonfly. Supplementary Reading :  “The Boy And The Butterfly”, children will enjoy the story of Sam and the butterfly. Let us Practice teaches action words related to insects. Let us Use focuses on the structure “Here it is.”


Incy wincy was a spider. One rainy day, it climbed up the water spout. But, the rain water washed out the poor Incy. When the sunshine came out, it dried up all the rain.  And so, Incy wincy climbed up the spout again.



Once, there lived a blue dragonfly. He was proud of his shining wings which changed colour during day. One day morning, he was sitting on a lotus leaf and enjoying the sun. A butterfly came there. The dragonfly asked the butterfly whether he looked sad because of her shiny wings. The butterfly replied that he didn’t think so because he was a very beautiful and colourful insect. Then, he saw an ant, carrying food for the winter. The dragonfly exclaimed that the ant was a poor fellow as he walked on his thin legs without having shiny wings like him. The ant advised the dragonfly to find some work instead of sitting and boasting of himself.  Then he found a ladybug and asked him whether he liked to be as slim as him. The ladybug replied that he was happy as he was. On seeing a bumblebee, the dragonfly asked him that he might be so bored with his yellow and black colour body. The bumblebee replied that his wings were good enough for him. He advised the dragonfly to stop boasting about his looks. Next, he found a beetle which scared him. The beetle told him that all were wonderful in their own way. Suddenly, a hungry chameleon was attracted by the colour of the dragonfly. He caught the proud dragonfly with his sticky tongue, munched and ate him.  

VOCABULARY:  “ar” AND “ast”   WORDS:

GRAMMAR:  PREPOSITIONS  of place (in, on, under and near):



Sam was a good boy. He liked to help others. One day, he saw a butterfly in a cover. Even though his grandpa refused, Sam cut the cover. The butterfly came out of the cover. But, it was unable to fly.  The next day, Sam asked his grandpa why it was on the rock without flying. Grandpa replied that it would fly only if it cut the cover on its own. Sam realized his mistake and asked ‘sorry’ for his act. 


- WTS Teachers Team
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