Idioms are one way to empower your English language skills. Beyond upgrading the level of your sentence, they aid in making the sentence more creative, crisp and concrete. Additionally, an idiom makes the meaning more clear and explanatory.

The dictionary does not carry the meanings of such phrases as it is, but they sure are something you should secure in your personal vocabulary. Technically speaking, they help shorten the length of sentences many times making it more easily readable. They cover a range of human attributes, qualities, relations and actions in the most creative ways.


1. A- Add to the Gaiety Of

Meaning: To add more joy or delight at a place, function or gathering. Sentence: No matter where my sister goes, she adds to the gaiety of the gathering.

2. B -Bark at the moon

Meaning: It means to worry about something that is not in our hands or cannot be changed Sentence: The traffic is always bad on these roads; there’s no point cribbing and barking at the moon in this case.

3. C – Crow About

Meaning: To feel proud of something that is done. Sentence: Harry is in the habit of crowing about everything that he does around here. It annoys most of his colleagues.

4. D- Draconian Means

Meaning: To use cruel or oppressive measures to achieve/do something. Sentence: The principal and his management took Draconian means to implement discipline in this institution.

E- Epoch Making

Meaning: Something remarkable or exquisite. Sentence: The city has developed many epoch-making infrastructures for the benefit of the people.

6. F- Frontier of Knowledge

Meaning: To have limited knowledge about something. Sentence: Scientists have a frontier of knowledge about this field of science as of today.

7. G-Go great guns

Meaning: To do something with great vigor and energy Sentence: Despite the muddy roads, they conducted the drive with great guns.

8. H- Hard on the pocket

Meaning: Something so expensive that one cannot afford it easily. Sentence: we cannot sell necessary items at such high rates; it is hard on the pockets of an average middle-class family.

9. I – Ivory Tower

Meaning: To be in a disconnect from reality or to be in a state of mental withdrawal from real life. Sentence: Gloria is one of the ivory tower people who also happens to be very creative.

10. J- Jar upon nerves

Meaning: To irritate or annoy or to feel irritated or annoyed. Sentence: People speaking loudly on phones jars upon my nerves.

11. K- Keep a finger on the pulse

Meaning: To be fully aware. Sentence: Parents should try to keep a finger on the pulse of their children’s activities.

12. L- Lord Over

Meaning: To behave arrogantly. Sentence: Some people lord over their subordinates out of their ego

13. M- Memory like a Sieve

Meaning: Have a bad memory. Sentence: Philip has a memory like a sieve; we cannot be sure that he will remember to buy the things we asked him to this morning.

14. N- Nodding acquaintance

Meaning: To be slightly familiar with something or someone. Sentence: I have a nodding acquaintance with this subject.

15. O- Oust From

Meaning: To remove or exclude. Sentence: Robin was ousted from the party owing to the members’ rage towards his indiscipline and irresponsibility.

16. P- Paper Tiger

Meaning: One can use this idiom to describe an enemy who seems dangerous but isn’t in reality. Sentence: The protestors outside the minister’s house are no more than paper tigers who cannot do anything but scream.

17. Q- Quirk of fate

Meaning: An accidental occurrence that influences future events as well. Sentence: It was merely a quirk of fate that Jacob did not board the flight that crashed even though he had completed his security check; it saved his life!


18. R- Rule the Roost

Meaning: It means to hold an influential place in your group/society. Sentence: My sister is such a great entertainer that she rules the roost at all social gatherings and parties.

19. S- Separate the sheep from the goats

Meaning: It means to separate the good and the bad. Sentence: Only a wise person can separate the sheep from the goats and only then offer a practical judgment.

20. T- Tea and Sympathy

Meaning: It means to comfort someone in times of need. Sentence: We should offer tea and sympathy to Rupert in this distress situation when his father is seriously ill.

U- Uncrowned King

Meaning: A person who is considered the best in a particular field or industry is an uncrowned king. Sentence: My late brother was an uncrowned king in the field of soccer, as remembered by his teammates.

22. V- In the vanguard

Meaning: To be in prominence or forefront of activity. Sentence: They were in the vanguard of the freedom struggle of their nation.

23. W- Weather the storm

Meaning: It means to come out of a problematic situation bravely. Sentence: We have weathered the storm of our financial breakdown. We are back on our feet now with newer jobs.


24. X- None

25. Y- spin a yarn

Meaning: To tell false stories. Sentence: The soldier always spins yarns in front of the villagers about his heroism and bravery.

26. Z- Zero in on

Meaning: To focus one’s attention on a particular thing or person. Sentence: The selectors have zeroed in on this cricketer and will interrogate him after the match.

Doesn’t it seem fun to add such idioms and phrases to our daily language? And these are just a few of the plethora of them that exist. Pick your favorite one of these idioms, and leave a sentence using it in the comment section below